Hi there!

PHPSaturday, originally planned for Sat April 30th has been cancelled.

We're also holding another event on the same day, and that one is still on: CloudSaturday

If you are one of the two people who signed up for PHP Saturday, you're ticket prices will be refunded.

For anyone wondering what happened - here's the scoop....

We run these events as volunteers, and this year we had 3 events planned in reasonably quick succession.

We held our 3rd SharePoint Saturday Chicago Suburbs in March and that was a great success with roughly 300 people in attendance.

We've also been planning the 3rd Cloud Satuday for April 30th. Planning for that event is coming along nicely.

One of our event organizers, Jack, does some work with PHP for our website, and has been involved with the Laravel framework community and thought it would be nice to hold a PHP event, so we piggybacked that one on top of Cloud Saturday. The thought being that since we already had a venue, date, food, etc, that it would be "super easy" to layer on another event.

This is partially true, all those things do take some time and effort, but so does reaching out to potential speakers, marketing the event to potential attendees, etc.. So while we had a great headstart by piggybacking on CloudSaturday from a venue perspective, this event still needed more time spent rounding up speakers and attendees than we had to give this time around.

Sorry for the inconvenience and I'm happy to talk PHP anytime if you've got questions I can answer.

- Jack

The Goal of PHPSaturday.

An event run by the people for the people.

The Goal of PHPSaturday is to help developers learn more about the language that powers more than 80% of the worlds websites.

It is, by design, a local community event, put on by local volunteers for local attendees. Why? Because there are plenty of bigger conferences that require an expensive ticket, airfare and hotel. This Conference is different. This is a conference that encourages local speakers to come present their Ideas. A conference that doesn't make you choose between buying a new laptop or attending a conference. A conference on a Saturday so you don't have to take time off your Day Job to attend.

It is our hope that if we do this well, the idea will spread to other cities, and other volunteer groups will want to hold local PHPSaturday's in their own cities. This is not unheard of. Other "Saturday" events now number in hundreds of events worldwide. (SqlSaturday, SharePointSaturday, etc..)

If you're interested in holding a phpSaturday event in your city, ping us on twitter (@phpsaturday) and we'll hook you up with a nice subdomain, and be happy to share our event holding experience with you.

Why not Friday you ask?

Well for starters, this is being imagined in the fashion of SQL Saturday, SharePoint Saturday, Cloud Saturday and other learning events of it's kind that came before it.

It's almost a given that this event will be organized and put on by volunteers in their spare time. The least we can do is not ask these volunteers to take a day off work to help make this event a reality.

Stuff comes up during the week - if you want to learn something new, often the weekend or evening is your only chance to do so, as so many of us have weeks filled with work, meetings, emergencies, etc...

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