If You do not Know how to Write the Art Essay, then Follow Art Essay Writing Tips You May Art essay is the kind of paper that is devoted to the art, all its branches, painters and galleries. If you get a task to complete the essay on art so you may use the following tips.

1. First of all you should choose the topic that is related to your studio preferences. You may write in your essay about the art objects or art exhibitions.

2. Study the literature on the essay subject. Try to make critical and extensive reading. While reading different sources it is better to make notes. Also do not to put down the reference details, including name of the author of the book, its name and the page number from which this information was taken. In your essay writing you should demonstrate new radical perception of the subject. Try to compare your points of view as for the art subject against the other art critics interpretation.

3. Compose the plan of your art essay . Outline is a very important step in writing your essay. Try to make it as detailed as possible. Think thoroughly what information you want to place in each paragraph. Think also how many paragraphs and sub-paragraphs you want to make in your paper. Think also about the heading of each paragraph. Make sure that the heading is relevant to the information you want to place in the paragraph.

4. When you outlined your paper, start to write the first draft. Write: – The introduction – The main body – The conclusion In the introductory part you should write the thesis statement concerning the topic. Here you may also give the definition to the subject. Write also the main aims and purpose of your essay. If you want to make your introduction original and creative, you may start it with the question or citation that is relevant to the topic of your essay. In the main body of your essay you should develop and support the thesis statement that you pointed out in the introduction. Write your points of view as for the subject of the essay. Try to use a lot of citations and examples taken from other sources.

Try to use short and direct quotations. Do not forget to enclose the direct citations in quotation marks. You may also add the footnote at the end of the quote. You may also provide your own examples. Then your work will be mature and interesting. Besides you will prove that you are completely aware of the essay subject.
The conclusion is your last attempt to address the readers. Here you should also stress the findings and results that you made in your writing. In summary you may also point out the possibilities of the future investigation of the essay subject.

After your essay is ready you may read it once again. Make sure you do not use slang and colloquial expressions in the text of your essay.

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