Descriptive Essay Prompts As Helpful Tools for Inexperienced Writers Descriptive Essay Prompts Help in Writing Imposing Essays

Writing descriptive essay is not so simple task as it may seem. For submitting high quality /essay one needs to look through descriptive essay prompts .

Knowing how to make an imposing description improves your chances for getting high quality essay of any type and on any level of complexity. Descriptive elements are found in any type of written assignment and knowing the basics of creative writing boosts your confidence and thus the outcome of your work.

It is true that in everyday activity we use description like telling friends of some purchases or describing journeys. Good narrators are always in the focus of public attention. However, being a good narrator in writing is quite a different thing and implies knowledge of some rules and features which make your writing attention-grabbing and interesting.

Here are some descriptive essay prompts which can be helpful tools for inexperienced writer:
Unity is an important component of any written text. One should make sure that one paragraph contains only one idea and there’s an adequate link between paragraphs. It is not a proper way to introduce new ideas after you made a topic sentence or include other irrelevant information. However, one can discuss different aspects of the same idea if they are closely related. Each sentence following the topic sentence should give back-up or supporting information and explain the main idea.

Clearness or lucid narration is the second landmark in any kind of writing, including descriptive one. Making any assumptions or explaining something, you should care for clear and lucid wording so that a reader has no problem in understand you. You should avoid ambiguous statements and making statement which refute each other. For making sure that your story is understandable, you should edit your writing. You may prefer services of professional editor or you may ask your friend to read and give feedback on your writing.

For making an interesting description one needs to learn how to paint by pen. It mean that your should create a visual picture of those things you want to describe and getting into this picture, convey your emotions and feeling on the paper. It includes using all five senses and using sensory experiences tell a reader what you see, hear, feel, smell, etc. Thus you should bring the reader into your picture with the help of language means and sometimes stylistic devices.

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